Financial Planning Services

At Wake Robin Financial Advisors, we provide independent fee-only financial planning services to individuals, families and small business owners. We believe that in today’s complex financial world, it is important to have a plan in place which assesses your current situation, establishes and prioritizes your goals and monitors your progress over time.

The Planning Process

The financial planning process begins with a thorough review of your current finances beginning with a confidential profile and questionnaires completed by you that enables us to assess your current situation, identify immediate needs or risks, and understand your financial priorities well as the needs of the people important to you.

Typical information collected during this process includes the following:

  • 1. Income and expense summary (annual spending/savings rate)
  • 2. Recent bank and/or brokerage statements including cost basis of securities
  • 3. Life, medical & disability insurance policy summaries (benefits and type of policy)
  • 4. Recent income tax return
  • 5. Description of real estate holdings and terms of mortgage
  • 6. Retirement plan statements including summary of investment options for 401(k) or Profit-sharing Plans
  • 7. Summaries of Employee/Retiree benefits

The data gathering and review process leads to establishing and prioritizing of your financial goals and objectives as well as an understanding of your comfort with investment risk and portfolio volatility.

MoneyGuidePro Financial planning software* is used extensively and provides a clear visual and interactive format to help clients understand where they stand today and what steps are needed to meet their financial goals. Prioritized action steps are then provided to enable you to implement financial planning recommendations.

These plans can be comprehensive in nature or limited to an isolated area of concern such as funding future college expenses or retirement. Fees for financial planning services are billed at an hourly rate of $175.00. An estimate of the total of hours needed to provide services requested is provided after an initial consultation.

*MoneyGuidePro is a web-based financial planning tool which also gives you access to account aggregation services, allowing you to see your entire financial picture in one place, updated daily.

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